2023 RS Feva European Championships

Event Date : 09 July 2023 - 13 July 2023


Event Website
Entry link
Notice of Race

Official email address: office@vgye.hu

Spectator boats: https://rsfevaeuropeans.hu/spectator-boats-for-rs-feva-europeans-2023/
Rooster merc: https://rsfevaeuropeans.hu/rooster-merchendising-for-rs-feva-europeans/
Buffet breakfast: https://rsfevaeuropeans.hu/buffet-breakfast-at-the-venue/
Accomondation: https://rsfevaeuropeans.hu/accomodation/

Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/PiL4dikANKSPrnWU8
Introductory film link: https://youtu.be/ohefQ-VSw1M




The race website will be www. rs sailing.hu
The e-mail address of the race is office@vgye.hu

VGYE - Hungarian Sailing Federation - Kékszalag Port

Address : H-8230 Hungary, Balatonfüred, Anna str. 7 Hungary

Email : https://kekszalagport.hu/en