Charter Boat FAQ

What is included in my charter?

  • Everything you need to go sailing! All details of your charter are in the charter agreement which you will receive 1 month before the event.


When is the deadline for booking charter boats?

  • The deadline for booking charter boats is as soon as we sell out or around 2 months before the event takes place, whichever comes first.


Will my boat be rigged?

  • It is our best intention for the boats to be rigged ready to sail ie. mast up and sails down. However, depending on the event and timings this is not always possible. We will do our best!


Will my sails be brand new?

  • The same set of sails are used for the charter season and therefore will be brand new at the start of the season and will be lightly used over the summer.


Do I need to put stickers on my sail if required?

  • If there are stickers to applied to your sails for the event you will need to do this yourself and complete the measurement process.


Do I need to arrange my own insurance?

  • No! Boat insurance is included in your charter price and covered by the damage deposit but the sailor is not insured. In case of an accident this would be covered by your personal insurance.


When do I need to pay by?

  • Payment for all charter boats will be taken upfront, at the time of booking, via the RS Events and Club website.


Will my payment be refundable if I have to cancel?

  • No, once you have booked and paid for your charter boat you will then not be able to seek a refund.


What sail number shall I enter?

  • If you are using your own sails please register using that sail number but if you are using charter boat sails please register using the word CHARTER as your sail number and you will be assigned a true sail number once you arrive. This can then be registered with the race committee at the event.


What time and date can I collect my charter boat?

  • Collection time will be different at every event and so will be detailed in your charter agreement which you will receive 1 month before the event.


Can I modify my charter boat?

  • As long as the boat is returned exactly as per the returns policy you can modify your charter boat.


How do I return my charter boat?

  • As part of the charter agreement, you will receive the RS returns policy. There will also be a laminated copy available from an RS staff member!


What do I do if I have damage while sailing?

  • Please report the damage as soon as you come off the water so we can ensure that the boat is not leaking and the damage will not get worse. We will then complete a damage log which will be sent to RS and we will deduct any cost for the repair from your £500 damage deposit.


How do I pay the damage deposit?

  • You will receive an email 1 month before the event which will take you through the process of verifying your card. The damage deposit will not be taken from your card but we will hold your details and therefore will not take any money unless damage has occurred. This MUST be done before the event, on the website, to save time at the venue before collection of your charter boat.


Can I buy my charter boat after the event?

  • The answer to this is probably, yes!… All charter boats will be available to buy at the end of their charter season which will vary per class. Please send an email to the relevant RS sales team.


Do I have to be a member of the Class Association?

  • Yes you do! New RS Aero sailors who charter may have their first RS Aero event free of class membership



Can I have a choice of RS Aero rig size at the event?

  • We will ensure the rig size you request is available to you and we will also aim to bring a range of other rig sizes but we cannot guarantee what will be available. Please specify in the message box before you check out, which would be your preferred second choice.