RS Feva World Championships 2021

Event Date : 23 July 2021 - 29 July 2021

Registrations Closed : 04 June 2021

Entry Fee : € 395.00

# Registrations : 1/200

Provisional Schedule 

Friday 23rd July

  • Registration and Measurement

Saturday 24th July

  • Registration and Measurement

  • Social - Opening Ceremony 

Sunday 25th July

  • RS Feva World Championships Racing Day 1

  • RS Aero Youth Worlds Racing Day 1

  • RS Aero International Open Racing Day 1

Monday 26th July

  • RS Feva World Championships Racing Day 2

  • RS Aero Youth Worlds Racing Day 2

  • RS Aero International Open Racing Day 2

Tuesday 27th July

  • RS Feva World Championships Racing Day 3

  • RS Aero Youth Worlds Racing Day 3

  • RS Aero International Open Racing Day 3

Wednesday 28th July

  • RS Feva World Championships Racing Day 4

  • RS Aero Youth Worlds Racing Day 4

Thursday 29th July

  • RS Feva World Championships Final days racing 

  • RS Aero Youth Worlds Racing Day 5

  • World Championships Prize Givings


There is a camping area on site. 

  To book your camping place you must first complete your entry, once complete please contact the Travamunde Woche event organisers to book your place. Bookings will only be accepted once your entry is complete 



Each year, Travemünder Woche attracts thousands of active sailors and around a million enthusiastic spectators and visitors. I went to Travemunde for a two day visit in July 2014 to find out what it is like. Here is what I saw.


First impressions are stunning! Think ‘Cowes Week’ for dinghies, with extra: great location; welcoming smiles and buzzing shore-side activities of unimaginable variety. The Germans are famous for their efficient organisation anyway, and when you consider that this was the 125th annual Travemunde Wocke you’ll appreciate that they’ve had time to polish the product. Rest assured that they really know how to run a massive multi-class regatta.


The Feva 2015 championships will be using the Grünstrand area, at the northern end of the beach promenade. This fronts the Kaiserallee, which is where you’ll find the closest apartments (more about accommodation later). In 2014 the Grünstrand was shared by the BIC Worlds and the German Laser 4.7 & Radial youth champs. There is lots of space and in 2015 the Fevas will have sole use of the area.


A flat grass strip (think town park, not farmers field) 400m long by 75m wide fronting the promenade is set aside for the fleet. There was the race office, toilets, showers (free), large marquee with tables and chairs (for regatta briefings, etc), parking for motorhomes (with electrical hookup), camping and some permanent BBQ stands. There was even a sink & drainer plumbed in next to the marquee as a washing-up stand. The other side of the road, on the two corners, are two ‘Beer Gardens’: cafes selling coffee, soft drinks, beer, ice cream, pasta, burgers, steak, chips etc (and, of course, schnitzel) with seating and large sun awnings. There’s a further 250m of beach frontage for boat park & camping which in 2014 was being used by the catamaran classes.



The 2015 campsites charges, per night inc all the facilities, will be €6.50 for tents up to 5m2, €11 tents over 5m2 and also for campervans up to 5m, €16.50 for campervans over 5m. An apartment will cost a lot more!


Most of the competitors camped, in tents or mobile homes, with their boat parked next to them. The locals joked that everyone always camps – except for the English speakers (Brits, Canadians, Australians, etc) who book into hotels or apartments.


The Travemunde tourist office is at the Strandbahnhof (railway station) in the town centre. They speak excellent English (of course) and are open Mon- Fri 9.30am-6pm (Nov to Feb) and from March also Sat 10am-3pm, Sun 11am-3pm. Telephone +49 (0)451 88 99 700. They publish an accommodation guide which you can download, or use the online search & booking website at . This website is worth a visit even if you don’t need accommodation as it has so much other information.


There is a resort tax, payable by visitors over the age of 18, of €2.80 per day (2014 price).


There are an amazing variety of eating opportunities plus all the normal town butchers, bakers, etc but if you’re self-catering then you’ll want a supermarket. There are a couple of very large supermarkets right where the main road comes into town at the junction of Gneversdorfer Weg and Moorredder. The Lidl, for example, was open Mon-Sat 8am-9pm and Sun 12-6pm. Google maps will show you where that is. It is a couple of kilometres from the boat park so you’ll want a car or bicycle.


Travemunde will be a brilliant experience for the non-sailors whilst the competitors will wish they didn’t need to go to bed early so that they too could sample the evenings. The river front and beach promenade, over a kilometre in total, are thronged with stalls and stands selling unimaginable things. Fast and slow food from North German country restaurants to Far East street kitchens. Fine wine, sweet crepes and lots of beer. There were two spectacular firework displays and a stunning laser show. There was live music of all styles and kinds every few hundred metres with several large professionally lit stages and a couple of beach clubs on the sand. At the centre of it all is the SAP Sail Cube on the beach with tierd seating, where professional commentary and graphics overlay the action displayed on a large screen relayed from film crews on the water. Each evening the river port is closed for an hour to allow one class at a time to race, with live commentary, under the noses of the thousands of spectators lining the promenade. Seriously – you need to be there.


For the recce I flew from East Midlands with German Wings – the Lufthansa low cost airline – to Hamburg and hired a car for the short drive to Travemunde. In 2015 we will take the ferry to Hook of Holland and the 6 hour drive (at towing speed). suggests July average temperatures between 14 – 21° C with a 30% chance of rain on any given day, but of course the weather is unpredictable. Bit like an English summer then. When I was there we wore shorts & a polo shirt, and people were swimming from the beach. Have a look at the YouTube links to get a feel for place and to see what the sailors were wearing.


Nick Neve

Oakham School

July 2014


Lübecker Yacht Club

Address : Travemuender Woche Am Leuchtenfeld 4 Travemuende Germany D- 23570

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