RS Tera World Championship 2024

Event Date : 05 August 2024 - 08 August 2024

Registration Close : 01 June 2024

Entry Fee : € 450.00

# Registrations : 113/120

The RS Tera World Championship 2024 promises to be an incredible event. Join us in the stunning surroundings of the picturesque municipality of Greve, Denmark, for what promises to be a truly memorable event for sailors and families alike. If you have not yet experienced the legendary Danish Hospitality then this event is a must!

Registration / Measurement: Saturday, August 3rd / Sunday, August 4th (2 days)

Pre-event Coaching / Practice Racing: Sunday, August 4th (1 day)

Racing: Monday, August 5th - Thursday, August 8th (4 days)

RS Sailing are providing a limited number of charter boats for this event but, as part of the work of the class to try an increase the participation of international teams, RS supplied charter boats are reserved for use by sailors from outside of Europe. If you require a charter boat but you are located in a European country then please contact Peter Toft from the event Organising Authority direct via email: or Telephone: +45 22 29 68 62 as the hosts have access to some local boats that can be made available on request. Payment of a fully-refundable security / damage deposit of EUR350 per RS supplied charter boat is required at the time of registration at the event venue.

Situated just 21Km West of the Danish Capital of Copenhagen, Greve is nestled on the east coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in eastern Denmark. Until the 1960s the area was primarily agricultural, and most businesses in town were concentrated along the coastal road "Strandvejen". With numerous holiday cottages near the coast of Køge Bugt (Køge Bay) where the venue of the Worlds is located, this was also the destination for many inhabitants of Copenhagen on holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city. During the late 1960s and into the 1970s, many people moved permanently out of Copenhagen and into new homes in places like Greve. What was formerly farmers' fields quickly turned into districts of detached houses, whilst most of the shops and similar businesses near the coastal road moved into central shopping malls such as Hundige Storcenter and Greve Midtby Center. Around 1980 the S-train railroad network was expanded towards Køge, and the stations Greve and Hundige were placed adjacent to the shopping malls.

Please do visit the website if you are looking for more information on the venue. 

A list of accommodation options in and around Greve is available for download in the 'Documents' section of this web page, under the 'Other' tab. 


Sejlklubben Køge Bugt

Address : Sejlklubben Køge Bugt Greve Marina, Hejren 15 Greve Denmark 2670

RS Tera Pro Entries Total : 53

Sail No Fleet Helm Sailing Club
Charter RS Tera Pro Kai Hislop Sausalito Yacht club
Charter RS Tera Pro Feren Johnson Park City
Charter RS Tera Pro Emmett Ford Park City Sailing
TBC RS Tera Pro Ukraine 3
TBC RS Tera Pro Ukraine 2
4481 RS Tera Pro Matthew Boatman Sunderland Yacht Club
2506 RS Tera Pro Grace Fleming Ullswater
UKR TBC RS Tera Pro UKR Sailor 1
4622 RS Tera Pro Archie Denley Bolton
TBC RS Tera Pro Sofia Westerlind Olsson Ljungskile SS
TBC RS Tera Pro Cecilia Quitzau BSS
TBC RS Tera Pro Emilia Quitzau BSS
3597 RS Tera Pro Willow Osborn Hickling Broad Sailing Club
1173 RS Tera Pro Ditlev Olsen Sas. Skælskør amatør sejlklub
4434 RS Tera Pro Will Haines Gurnard Sailing Club
TBC RS Tera Pro Elias Demir BSS
TBC RS Tera Pro Erik Thorsteinsson FAS
TBC RS Tera Pro Frederik Aksel Winkel Brøndby Strands Sejlklub
TBC RS Tera Pro Julius Diekmann Thøhersen BSS
3815 RS Tera Pro Charlie Hooker Warsash Sailing Club
3892 RS Tera Pro William Wijk Sandvikens Segelsällskap
4351 RS Tera Pro Linnea Palm Gefle segelsällskap
4350 RS Tera Pro Nora Palm Gefle Segelsällskap
TBC RS Tera Pro Amalia Nicolajsen Ljungskile Segelsällskap
4354 RS Tera Pro Zach Williamson Ripon SC
2851 RS Tera Pro Maisie Butler-Smith Frensham Pond Sailing Club
DEN-2074 RS Tera Pro Noah Svane Lindhe KØS Sejlsport
TBC RS Tera Pro Arvid Carlsson Ljungskile SS
17 RS Tera Pro Šimon Brchaň Klub jachtingu Těrlicko, z.s.
4303 RS Tera Pro Thies Schuerch Rutland Sailing Club / Hykeham Sailing Club
4185 RS Tera Pro Megan Gowers Club Hywlio Y Felinheli / Port Dinorwic Sailing Club
3590 RS Tera Pro Hanna Wennberg Gefle Segel Sällskap
1807 RS Tera Pro Isla Mckeown Gresford
367 RS Tera Pro Stina Gullsby Gefle Segelsällskap
TBC RS Tera Pro Jessica Skelding Winsford Flash Sailing Club
2628 RS Tera Pro Evie Bennell Clwb Hwylio Y Felinheli
2392 RS Tera Pro William Stratton-Brown Frensham Pond Sailing Club
1885 RS Tera Pro Ben Angell Draycote Water SC
TBC RS Tera Pro Lisa Malm Ljungskile Segelsällskap
TBC RS Tera Pro Elin Sundberg Ljungskile SS
2272 RS Tera Pro Alexandre Otto Warsash SC
3594 RS Tera Pro August Raabjerg Nielsen Brøndby Strand Sejlklub
4209 RS Tera Pro Aleksandra Banbura SKB
3764 RS Tera Pro Ewa Banbura SKB
2671 RS Tera Pro Pippa Paley Starcross YC / Sidmouth YC
3061 RS Tera Pro Aedan Warsash Sailing Club
3436 RS Tera Pro Rebecca Wharmby Royal Lymington Yacht Club/Salterns Sailing Club/Lymington Town Sailing Club
4403 RS Tera Pro Ben Gardner HISC
SWE3644 RS Tera Pro Hannes Borgenstierna SS Kaparen
1769 RS Tera Pro Emily Shell Warsash SC

RS Tera Sport Entries Total : 60

Sail No Fleet Helm Sailing Club
3917 RS Tera Sport Michael Boatman Sunderland Yacht Club
TBC RS Tera Sport Aurelia gråbæk SKB/VSK
Charter RS Tera Sport Yasuho M-Hansen Helsingør Sejlklub (HS)
TBC RS Tera Sport Frederik Neergaard Nielsen Helsingør Sejlklub (HS)
TBC RS Tera Sport Silas Ostermann Hvitved Helsingør Sejlklub (HS)
Charter RS Tera Sport Court Maloof Park City Sailing
2858 RS Tera Sport Jessica Willars Filey
4016 RS Tera Sport Birk Gottschalk Rasmussen Bogø Sejlklub
Charter RS Tera Sport Elizabeth Eden Park city sailing
2503 RS Tera Sport Filip Tsipak SKB
TBC RS Tera Sport Ukraine 5
TBC RS Tera Sport Ukraine 4
TBC RS Tera Sport Rosa Lund Heiberg KØS
TBC RS Tera Sport Joseph Hulse Felpham Sailing Club
2167 RS Tera Sport Harry Fleming Ullswater
3554 RS Tera Sport Ran Wheeler Gurnard Sailing Club
4017 RS Tera Sport August Køie Yachtklubben Furesøen
Charter RS Tera Sport Karl Olsen YF
3632 RS Tera Sport Malte Thorseng Yachtklubben Furesøen
TBC RS Tera Sport Dean Vilhelm Villadsen KJS Køge sejlklub
TBC RS Tera Sport Malik Demir Brøndby strand sejlklub
4088 RS Tera Sport Alexis Ghosal Duus køge sejlklub
TBC RS Tera Sport Bertram Bacher Kiming SKB
4638 RS Tera Sport Samuel Brettschneider YC LS Brno
2633 RS Tera Sport Viktor Vlach YC LS Brno
2880 RS Tera Sport Kamila Vlachová YC LS Brno
3888 RS Tera Sport Simon Kratky YC Dobrichovice
TBC RS Tera Sport Aksel Lundgaard Vestrup SKB
1521 RS Tera Sport Kasper Engel Køge Sejlklub (KJS)
2852 RS Tera Sport Harry O'Callaghan RVYC
2175 RS Tera Sport Seb Williamson Ripon SC
TBC RS Tera Sport Rafe Bradley Gurnard Sailing Club
TBC RS Tera Sport Max Welsh Harp
2047 RS Tera Sport Oliver Pade SKB
2927 RS Tera Sport Hannah Yates Gurnard Sailing Club
2960 RS Tera Sport Lucie Tkačová KLUB JACHTINGU TĚRLICKO
4582 RS Tera Sport Harry Wilson Filey Sailing Club
4343 RS Tera Sport Molly Wilson Filey Sailing Club
1691 RS Tera Sport Signe Gullsby Gefle Segelsällskap
4518 RS Tera Sport Bethany Skelding Winsford Flash Sailing Club
2611 RS Tera Sport Harry Bennell Club Hywlio Y Felinheli
3829 RS Tera Sport Aggie Priestley Ullswater Yacht Club
3830 RS Tera Sport Laia Priestley Ullswater Yacht Club
GBR 3897 RS Tera Sport Fallon Gurnard SC
GBR 112 RS Tera Sport Classics Day Gurnard SC
2745 RS Tera Sport Minna Lyngkilde Bøgesø SKB
TBC RS Tera Sport Oliver Jens Bak Brøndby Strand Sejlklub
4133 RS Tera Sport Phoebe greenhalgh Port Dinorwic Sailing Club
1145 RS Tera Sport Cecilie Merry Vorsøe Jensen SKB
1488 RS Tera Sport Matti Leig Keldorff SKB
GBR 3464 RS Tera Sport Elsie Jenkinson Gurnard Sailing Club
GBR 2874 RS Tera Sport Jasper Jenkinson Gurnard Sailing Club
TBC RS Tera Sport Sofia Glibstrup Sejlklubben Køge Bugt (SKB)
2789 RS Tera Sport Ethan Watkin Jones Club Hywlio Y Felinheli
889 RS Tera Sport Leo Harris Frensham Pond Sailing Club
2118 RS Tera Sport Penelope Gardner HISC
2040 RS Tera Sport Thomas Hill Royal Lymington