2022 RS Tera World Championships

Event Date : 30 July 2022 - 05 August 2022

Registration Close : 30 June 2022

Entry Fee : £ 280.00

# Registrations : 116

Please be advised that this is entry for the RS Tera World Championships, if you wish to enter the regatta fleet then please -ENTER HERE


We have a limited number of charter boats available. Bookings can be made at the time of entry - RS Tera Charter - £450


RS Tera World Championships will be part of the extremely popular RS Games


Venue, racecourse and location cannot be beaten with superb racing, great accommodation options. Easy transport links from both ferry ports and airports


Saturday 30th July - Registration and boat inspection and measurement 

Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

Address : Osprey Quay Portland United Kingdom DT5 1SA

Club Email : reception@wpnsa.org.uk

Tel no : 01305 866000

RS Tera Pro Entries Total : 53

Sail No Fleet Helm Sailing Club
1316 RS Tera Pro Morgan Rovers Pdsc
3897 RS Tera Pro Henry Rich Bowmoor
2400 RS Tera Pro Emily Rich Bowmoor SC
3421 RS Tera Pro Alice Edwards Burton SC
3577 RS Tera Pro William Bowmoor SC
2352 RS Tera Pro Alex Davies Bowmoor Sailing Club
3922 RS Tera Pro James Catterall Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club
843 RS Tera Pro thomas Bohannon-Hopson Port Dinorwic Sailing Club
3766 RS Tera Pro Macsen Barber Dale yacht club
2170 RS Tera Pro Willow Osborn Hickling Broad Sailing Club
TBC RS Tera Pro Jasmijn Holtus WV Schiphol
2631 RS Tera Pro Charlie Rawling Burnham Sailing Club
414 RS Tera Pro Lottie Vinycomb RLymYC
3566 RS Tera Pro Gabriel Tierney Thorpe Bay Yacht Club
3856 RS Tera Pro Mhairi MacDonald Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre
3361 RS Tera Pro Ivan Nicholls Manx Sailing & Cruising Club
1225 RS Tera Pro Harry Slight Emsworth Sailing Club
3452 RS Tera Pro Ludvig Nicolajsen LjSS
TBC RS Tera Pro Vilmer Johansson LjSS
3764 RS Tera Pro Oskar Kosiara-Pedersen Sejlklubben Køge Bugt
2050 RS Tera Pro Francis Harding Thorpe Bay Yacht Club
TBC RS Tera Pro Robert Fenna Isle of Man Yacht Club
3656 RS Tera Pro Annabelle Hacker Rutland SC
2377 RS Tera Pro Grace Stockdale Bassenthwaite S.C
2372 RS Tera Pro Jack Bew Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre
3579 RS Tera Pro Aimee Bulkes Bowmoor
2664 RS Tera Pro William Johnson Brightlingsea SC
2456 RS Tera Pro Annabel Caldecott Rutland Sailing Club
3009 RS Tera Pro Jonny Marshall Emsworth Sailing Club
2702 RS Tera Pro Amelia Kilgour Corinthian Otters
1693 RS Tera Pro Felicity Angell Draycote Water SC
2156 RS Tera Pro Ffion Bailey Port Dinorwic Sailing Club
4112 RS Tera Pro Jac Bailey Port Dinorwic Sailing Club
2392 RS Tera Pro Oliver Stratton-Brown Frensham Pond Sailing Club
2 RS Tera Pro Olly Mayo Yarmouth SC
2442 RS Tera Pro Nina Marsh Neyland Yacht Club
3163 RS Tera Pro Sirene Le Petit Pembrokeshire Performance Sailing Academy
1452 RS Tera Pro Tom Webb Port Dinorwig Sailing Club
2611 RS Tera Pro Ben Sinfield Port DInorwic Sailing Club
2214 RS Tera Pro Andrew Soars Frensham Pond Sailing Club
4291 RS Tera Pro Max Devonport Emsworth Sailing Club
1922 RS Tera Pro Fflur Pierce Port Dinorwic Sailing Club
4200 RS Tera Pro Ben Anderson Gurnard Sailing Club
TBC RS Tera Pro Ruby Sunderland Braiding Haven Yacht Club
822 RS Tera Pro Max Rawlinson Roa Island Boat Club
4219 RS Tera Pro Alice Pope RVYC
2837 RS Tera Pro Matthew Knowles Bolton SC
TBC RS Tera Pro Joanna MAcAlister Royal Lymington Yacht Club
915 RS Tera Pro Dara Jenkins
2661 RS Tera Pro Charlotte White Wilsonian SC
4280 RS Tera Pro Imogen Green Draycote water sailing club
798 RS Tera Pro Harriet Paley Starcross Yacht Club
3037 RS Tera Pro Holly Cole Thorpe Bay Yacht Club

RS Tera Sport Entries Total : 63

Sail No Fleet Helm Sailing Club
3855 RS Tera Sport Harry Bew Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre
1789 RS Tera Sport Maeve Jenkins Bolton
2386 RS Tera Sport William Osbourn Isle of Man Yacht Club
2677 RS Tera Sport Jimmy Cope Isle of Man Yacht Club
3854 RS Tera Sport Elizabeth MacDonald Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre
1769 RS Tera Sport Susanna Local Frensham Pond
2302 RS Tera Sport Luke Markey TBYC
2603 RS Tera Sport Jessica Willars Beaver
3810 RS Tera Sport Leo Rivers Guernsey Yacht Club
309 RS Tera Sport Oliver Smith Gurnard Sailing Club
TBC RS Tera Sport Luc Gheorghiu Gurnard Sailing Club
1901 RS Tera Sport Amelie Gheorghiu Gurnard Sailing Club
1662 RS Tera Sport Isaac Lovell Emsworth Sailing Club
1761 RS Tera Sport Emma Lovell Emsworth Sailing Club
TBC RS Tera Sport Louis Hiscocks WPNSA
TBC RS Tera Sport Ella Gardiner Emsworth Sailing Club
2224 RS Tera Sport James Bulkes Bowmoor
3644 RS Tera Sport Ella Méline Borgenstierna SS Kaparen
3806 RS Tera Sport Hannes Borgenstierna SS Kaparen
3052 RS Tera Sport Luke Rowlands Rutland Sailing Club
3897 RS Tera Sport Fallon Day Gurnard
112 RS Tera Sport Cassius day Gurnard
3554 RS Tera Sport Ran Wheeler Gurnard Sailing Club
2348 RS Tera Sport William Stratton-Brown Frensham Pond Sailing Club
3608 RS Tera Sport Will Bradley Gurnard Sailing Club
2851 RS Tera Sport Maisie Butler-Smith Frensham Pond Sailing Club
2642 RS Tera Sport Lauren Mecklenburgh RLYMYC
1 RS Tera Sport Noah Chisnall Emsworth Sailing Club
4168 RS Tera Sport Noah Sutton Neyland Yacht Club
3590 RS Tera Sport Hanna Wennberg Gefle Segel Sällskap
2827 RS Tera Sport Amelia Hutchinson Royal Lymington Yacht Club
3496 RS Tera Sport Zoe Lomas-Clarke Frensham Pond Sailing Club
3159 RS Tera Sport Laia Priestley Ullswater YC
3933 RS Tera Sport Rupert King Gurnard Sailing Club
3464 RS Tera Sport Elsie Jenkinson Gurnard Sailing Club
2874 RS Tera Sport Jasper Jenkinson Gurnard Sailing Club
3476 RS Tera Sport Tom Sinfield Port DInorwic Sailing Club
2478 RS Tera Sport Jasmine Pillon-Simpson HISC
2459 RS Tera Sport Mark Soars Frensham Pond Sailing Club
4354 RS Tera Sport Zach Williamson Ripon SC
2387 RS Tera Sport William Ahlheid FPSC
GBR 3902 RS Tera Sport Caedon Faulkner-Leask HISC
3580 RS Tera Sport Tristan Harding Frensham Pond Sailing Club
2739 RS Tera Sport Lewis Gordon Scaling Dam
4199 RS Tera Sport Samuel Leather Gurnard Sailing Club
4331 RS Tera Sport Olivia Dembinska Ullswater YC
2125 RS Tera Sport Megan Gowers Port Dinorwic Sailing Club
4133 RS Tera Sport Ben Greenhalgh Port Dinorwic
1807 RS Tera Sport Isla McKeown Gresford Sailing Club
3917 RS Tera Sport Matthew Boatman Sunderland Yacht Club
1610 RS Tera Sport Frederick wood Leigh and lowton
1885 RS Tera Sport Ben Angell Draycote Water SC
2671 RS Tera Sport Philippa Paley Starcross Yacht Club
4070 RS Tera Sport Raffy Seddon Royal Lymington Yacht Club
3423 RS Tera Sport Jack Solly Starcross YC
2121 RS Tera Sport Polly Scott Starcross YC
2067 RS Tera Sport Florence Osborne Thorpe Bay Yacht Club TBYC
1556 RS Tera Sport Kirsty Scott Starcross YC
TBC RS Tera Sport Molly Wilson Filey Sailing Club
2511 RS Tera Sport Henry Reed Starcross Yacht Club
3830 RS Tera Sport Daniel Whitehead Filey Sailing Club
2218 RS Tera Sport Ethan Hill Hayling Island Sailing Club
3829 RS Tera Sport Thomas Whitehead Filey Sailing Club