2024 RS Feva World Championships

Event Date : 26 July 2024 - 01 August 2024

The much-anticipated 2024 RS Feva World Championships in Bruinisse are gearing up for thrilling races, a lively social scene, and lots of fun for everyone involved. Following the success of 2023 with 211 entries, there's hopeful anticipation about beating that number this time around.

Bruinisse's scenic coastal setting provides the perfect backdrop for this international sailing event, featuring the dynamic RS Feva class designed for young sailors from around the world.

What sets the RS Feva World Championships apart is the emphasis on enjoyment. While the competition is fierce on the water, off the shore, it's all about having a good time. The organisers are committed to ensuring the event is not just about showcasing sailing skills but creating lasting memories filled with laughter and shared experiences.

As we look forward to the 2024 championships, the big question is whether we can surpass the impressive 211 entries from the previous year. The hope is a resounding "yes." With the growing popularity of the RS Feva class and the appeal of the Bruinisse venue, the 2024 championships are expected to set new records and become a standout event on the international sailing calendar.

In the spirit of friendly competition and a shared passion for sailing, the 2024 RS Feva World Championships in Bruinisse are gearing up to deliver an unforgettable experience, featuring exciting races, social camaraderie, and lots of pure, unbridled fun on the water.

This event is made possible by subsidy from Provincie Zeeland. 

Event Details

Registration for the event has been closed, please contact info@rssailing.club for more information.

Bruinisse, Jachthavenweg 74

Address : Jachthavenweg 74, 4311 NC Bruinisse, Netherlands. Netherlands