2023 RS Aero World Championship and Youth World Championship

Event Date : 26 July 2023 - 30 July 2023

Hosted by LNI Sulcis at their Calasetta base. The fast growing RS Aero fleets in both Sardinia and the Italian mainland, together with the idyllic location for internaional visitors, makes our 5th World Championship set to be a fantastic event! Calasetta stands on the island of Sant'Antioco off the south-western tip of Sardinia, a town with fascinating history, traditions, maritime cuisine and dream beaches.....and the sailing is fabulous!

Racing will be held over five days with up to 14 races in the open but protected waters off Sant'Antioco. There will be racing in four fleets, RS Aero 5,6,7 & 9, with the Youth World Champs, Womens' and Masters' categories taken from those overall results.

24th July - 11:00-17:00 Measurement & Registration
25th July - 11:00-17:00 Measurement & Registration, 14:30 Training, 20:00 Open Ceremony
26th July - 11:00 Briefing, 12:00 Racing
27th July - 10:00 Briefing, 11:00 Racing, 20:30 Social Dinner
28th July - 10:00 Briefing, 11:00 Racing
29th July - 10:00 Briefing, 11:00 Racing
30th July - 10:00 Briefing, 11:00 Racing, 18:00 Prize Giving


Entry - NOW OPEN at https://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=event&eid=2477  

Pre Entry Fee (until 28th Feb) - Adult GBP £ 265, Youth GBP £ 195 (Youth is under 22 years on 31st Dec 2023)
Entry Fee (until 30th Apr) - Adult GBP £ 395, Youth GBP £ 265
Late Entry Fee (until 30th June) - Adult GBP £ 440, Youth GBP £ 305

Youth World Titles (Male & Female) Under 22 years (RS Aero 5 & 7)
Youth World Titles (Male & Female) Under 17 years (RS Aero 5)
Female World Titles (RS Aero 5 & 6)
Female Masters World Title (RS Aero 6) for 45 years and over
Mens Masters World Titles (RS Aero 6 & 7) for 55 years and over
All ages are at 31st Dec 2023. Full details in are in the Notice of Race.

Charter RS Aeros
RS Sailing in collaboration with Negri Nautica offers Charter RS Aeros 5/6/7/9 at the price of GBP £ 950. For Youth (under 22 on 31st Dec 2023) it is GBP £ 825. The booking of Charter RS Aeros will be prioritised to distant long-haul travellers. European competitors should plan to bring their own RS Aeros.

We have no charters available for this event however please do not hesitate to contact info@rssailing.club to discuss further and we will endeavour to make arrangements to support your request if we can.

Lega Navale Italiana Sezione Sulcis

Address : Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 1 Calasetta Italy 090111

Email : sulcis@leganavale.it

Tel no : 39 345 59 85 308